Massachusetts Association of Court Interpreters (MACI), founded in 2014, is an organization of judicial interpreters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. MACI members are invested in providing professional language services to people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) in both civil and criminal procedures in order to assure due process and meaningful access to the entire system of justice. On a daily basis, we are driven by our commitment to our profession, to the system of justice, and to the LEP population we serve. While pursuing improvement of interpreting services in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we take pride in delivering accurate, timely, and meaningful on-site interpretation services to LEP persons through all the phases of the judicial process.

As court interpreters working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we provide interpreting services to LEP (Limited English Proficient) participants in court proceedings, including LEP victims, defendants, witnesses, defense attorneys, prosecutors, probation officers, mediators, judges, clerk magistrates, and other court stakeholders. Every LEP party who participates in court proceedings in the United States of America is entitled to a professional court interpreter in order to exercise his or her constitutional and civil rights."Being present" in the court room, to provide linguistic services to LEP individuals, is a key element in executing meaningful access to justice. Judicial interpreters are a unique group of professionals with credentials, experience, and a specialized skill set to make possible equal access to justice to those who otherwise could not fairly participate in the many remedies and resources provided by our legal system.




Massachusetts Association of Court Interpreters



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